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Summer 2021

Issue no. 1

The majority of articles in our inaugural issue were written by history students and researchers at the University of Queensland, Australia. Their research reflects a diverse range of historical perspectives and themes, from mythology and modern Australia to authoritarianism and urban history. Summer 2021 also includes an anonymous Special Feature from the democratic protests in Myanmar and our first Signpost Interview with Panoramic Magazine founders Maddie Anstruther and Anya Gera. 

Special Feature: Myanmar  Youth Visionaries' Revolution

An author writes from the democratic protests following a military coup in Myanmar, March 2021. Names have been changed to protect individuals.


Co-Editors' Note

Monique Currie and Zoe Devenport


“Berlin Meant Boys”: The Development of a Homosexual and 'Transvestite' Subculture in Weimar Germany

Samuel Dooley explores sexuality, the emergence of queer subcultures, and the foundations of a modern identity.

Mostar: A Study in Social Segregation

Frances Jackson traces the ethnic, symbolic, and physical divisions of a city in light of the Bosnian War.


The Middle-Class Identity and Revival of Sympathy in North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell

Joy Chalaby views nineteenth century social justice, class differences, and the industrialised environment through the lens of literary history.

Japanese and Korean Perspectives on Japan’s Colonisation of Korea

Andrew Dunlop documents life in Korea under Japanese colonisation and the echoes of this history in contemporary nationalism.


Patriots: The Contemporary Politics of Holocaust History in Poland

Zoe Devenport considers how the history of the Holocaust is being appropriated in contemporary Polish politics.

The Effect of the First Crusade on Chivalric Ideology

Tiffany Falconer considers the origins of chivalry and social codes of the crusades.

Image by Edwin Andrade

Am I Employable? The Perspective of a History Undergraduate Student in Australia

Jenny Nguyễn negotiates the unpredictable demands of labour markets and the fluctuating

societal value of the arts.

To Serve and Protect: Australia’s Desire For European Migration, The ‘Populate or Perish’ Ideology, and Its Effect on Australian Women, 1901-1940

Shannon Ross writes on the experiences of Australian women at the intersection of demography and racial doctrine.

Image by The New York Public Library

Luck, Institutional Innovation, and Economic Orthodoxy Before the Great Depression

Rory Brown discusses how financial crises and historical contingencies have shaped Australia's financial system.

Multicultural Policies and Australian Nationalism 

Xiaoyu Deng traces continuity and change in multicultural policy, and institutional attempts to design an Australian identity.

Australian Flags

Lions and Unicorns and Dragons, Oh My! The Moral Language of Mythical Creatures in Medieval Crusading Culture

Destiny Grealy reflects on allegories of fantastic and mythical creatures as a key to understanding

Crusading culture.

"An Accustomed Sedition": Vulnerabilities of the Western Roman Empire in the Early 5th Century A.D.

Brendan Ellis provides perspective on the ancient world, analysing the fault-lines of the Western Roman Empire.


Authoritarianism and Japan's Colonisation of Korea, 1910–1919

Courtney Smith examines Japanese policy in Korea as it was enacted during the early years of colonisation.

Health and Disease in 18th Century Marseille

Brooke Weedman examines the role of the city during the last major European outbreak of plague in eighteenth-century Marseille, France.


Public History in Australia

Samantha Altmann considers how the Australian public have engaged with historical practice, from participating in nation-building to pursuing intimate family histories.

Signpost no. 1:
Panoramic Magazine

Anya Gera and Maddie Anstruther, 

co-founders of Panoramic Magazine, share their thoughts on the value of student publications and conversations about the global issues that our generation face.

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