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Winter 2021

Issue no. 2

The majority of articles in our second issue were written by history students and researchers at the University of Queensland, Australia, as well as one author from the National Taiwan Normal University (國立臺灣師範大學).

Winter 2021 also features our second Signpost Interview, with Zoe Devenport in conversation with Brisbane-based architectural historian Marianne Taylor (also known as The House Detective).

Co-Editors' Note

Monique Currie and Zoe Devenport


Signpost no. 2:
Marianne Taylor -
The House Detective

Zoe Devenport in conversation with architectural historian Marianne Taylor

Female Impersonation in Early Republican China and Taiwan: Questions of National and Ethnic Identity

Anders Blomso 


The Transformation of a 'Private Condition into a Public Coat of Armour': The Mothers of the Disappeared, maternal performance, and public space in 1970s Buenos Aires

Kitty Lloyd

Representing Queen Anne:
The Evolving Image of a Female King

Tyler Horton


Slavery in Australia: Material Traces in Brisbane's West End

Imogen Bourke

Dead Cats on Tables and the Australian Nation: The history of power, authority, and identity infiltrating our prehistory and archaeology

Molly Turnbull

Lycurgus entering Athens from Dryden's Fables.png

The Great Rhetra:
Sparta's Unique Governance

Eloise Thomson

The Apotheosis of Julius Caesar:
Did Julius Caesar aim consciously to become a god of the Roman state religion or was divinity a natural consequence of his autocratic power?

Charlotte Lethbridge


City of Nomads:
The Curious Case of Karakorum

Nicholas Desjardins

The Great Fox:
Edward Palmer Thompson & His School of Awkwardness

Thomas Roehrs

david hume.jpeg

Forgotten Footnotes:
Revisiting the Relationship Between Racism and David Hume's Argument Against the Supernatural

Angela Davis

The Intermediary 'Community' Role of the Monastery in Medieval Society

Chloe Stewart


People and Politics in Khmer Rouge Phnom Penh, 1975-1979

Patrick Bundock

The Fall of Rome: Pre-Islamic Culture and the Rise of Islam

Andrew Dunlop


 ‘Courage Calls to Courage Everywhere’: Millicent Garret Fawcett as Leader of the Women’s Suffrage Movement

Joy Chalaby

 Before Demons:
How Fairy Belief Shaped Early Scottish Witch Hunts

Ashleigh McNamara

Screen Shot 2021-10-06 at 11.07_edited.jpg

Why was Pauline Hanson able to attract such high levels of support after her emergence in 1996?

Maxwell Diss

Anchor 1

Madonna lactans and Mary's Motherhood

Olivia Trenorden

Giovanni Antonio Boltraffio, Madonna Litta, c. 1490.jpg

'Common Peace, or Common Pieces?':
Examining the Ties Between the Foreign Policy of the Athenian Dēmos and the Second Athenian League

Brendan Ellis


AIDS: The 'Gay Plague'

Luke Kratzmann

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